2019 has been a busy year for me, been trading Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Dogecoin) and been buying Dividend Paying Stocks, doing all of the research, looking at technical charts and doing research to pick the right stocks is a lot of work however it is also very rewarding, another one of my assets are Domain Names and I continue to add them to my portfolio, the main reason why I like investing in Domain Names a lot is because of the possibility of high returns, let me explain.

Domain Names
.com Domain Names

When I invest in stocks or trade Crypto, I usually expect returns of 5% to 10%  however when I invest in domain names I expect returns of 100% or more, that is what is so attractive about domain names, the main reason is that domain names are very valuable, you can register a 2 word dot com domain names for $10 bucks and sell it for $1000 dollars, it happens all the time. Want higher returns? Simple, develop your domain names and build valuable websites around them and monetize your traffic and you can generate income for life, this is why I buy domain names and some of them get developed into valuable websites.

I have recently added more domain names and today I would like to share some of them with you, all of these domain names that I list in my blog are for sale and offers are always welcome.

Let’s get started with the domain name list:

  • JuarezTV.com
  • PittsburghPretzel.com
  • JohnHultz.com
  • GaleWhite.com
  • DisabilityDentistry.com
  • CentralPittsburgh.com
  • PaulKerna.com
  • RobertAbel.com
  • XXLCoats.com
  • 695Hosting.com

More domain names on my Afternic Porfolio

As you can see, I have actually added some First and Last Name domain names, the main reason for this is because I do feel that there is a good market for personal domain names for people looking to develop a personal brand, I picked up these names and after some research I found that a lot of these people have personal blogs hosted on Blogger.com and Facebook, some of them also had personal Youtube Channels and I believe that sooner or later they will need their own domain names, I do not have any plans to outbound any of my domain names sales and they may not sell at the 5 figures that other domain names sell however I should be able to sell them for 4 figures which should provide a good profit for a small investment. I am still doing a few test with pricing to see how fast domain names moves based on buy it now prices.

If you are interested in any of these domain names feel free to leave a comment or contact me via Twitter.

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