Domain Name Investing During The Coronavirus

If you invest in domain names or any other asset class, you have probably realized that the Coronavirus has created massive sell offs and prices and values have decreased, for example if you are invested in the stock market and say that you are invested in the SPY ETF you have probably lost half of it’s value from the all time highs, if you are wondering what does this have to do with domain names I will go ahead and explain.

The Coronavirus has created a lot of fear in the markets, domain name investors have started to sell their domain names at discounted prices, even though we are seeing domain names sell for great prices I have noticed that in the domain auction websites and Afternic domain prices have fallen, this is because people are selling assets in exchange for cash so that they can cover their expenses and pay their bills.

So what can we do and what opportunities are we going to find in times like this where the Coronavirus has affected the value of our domain names, here I am going to share a couple of strategies that will help you if you are domain name investing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Buy domain names at discount prices: Truth of the matter is, money is made when assets are cheap, when you go Godaddy Auctions you will see that prices are very good right now, you can buy domain names that are easy to pronounce and remember at low prices, if you are holding cash and are looking for an investment opportunity this is the time to buy dot com domain names for cheap.

2. Hold your domain names and do not sell during the Coronavirus: In time of stress, it is easy to set your domain names at low prices and get rid of them just because you see prices dropping, the issue with this is that you will be selling at rock bottom prices, if you understand economics and the law of supply and demand you will realize that once domain prices go back up as demand increases you will have lost all of your assets, this is why the last thing that you want to do is sell your domain names, if you do not have an emergency and you do not need cash this is when you hold, remember that domain names are registered every single day and sooner or later a buyer will find value in your domain names and you will get that offer.

3. Invest in Coronavirus related domain names: Speaking of domain name investing opportunities, you have to realize that trends come and go and there will be companies developing products and services related to the COVID19 pandemic, for this reason you want to invest in domain names that are related to the trend and get them listed for sale or offer them to companies that you believe that will be interested, there is a possibility that this virus will come back each year, that it will mutate and I doubt it will simply go away for ever, just like other trendy domain names this virus is here to stay and this is where you take the opportunity and run with it and profit from your domain name investments.

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Domain names are assets that go up in value because there is demand for them, do not let the Coronavirus defeat you.

Domain Names
Domain Names

As you can see, if you have an entrepreneur mindset and you are able to seize the opportunity there are plenty of ways to profit if you are domain name investing during the Coronavirus, there are always new ways to make money and to profit, just like other recessions or Real Estate crashes where some people lost money but others made a ton of money, this is your opportunity to thrive even though at times it feels like it is the end of the world.

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Domain Name Investing During The Coronavirus

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