If you have been in the domain name investing business for a long time you will probably know  that owning domain names is just one of the many things that you will do as a business owner and Internet Marketer, trading domain names is simple, you buy a valuable domain name for a good price and sell it in the future for a profit, simple as that right?

Now, what happens when you buy a domain name that you really like or have an idea and want to develop it into a real website? In this case you will need a web hosting account, the reason is because owning a domain name does not provide you the web server space required to develop a website, this is why having a web hosting account is very important if you want to be able to develop some of your domain names.

So why would you develop a Domain Name?

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Hosting for Domain Names

There could be many reasons why you would want to develop a domain name, for me it is usually all about profitability. Let me explain, if I register a domain name and I feel it will take some time to sell I will  sometimes develop that domain name into a content website, I have a web hosting account and I update my DNS servers and I install WordPress and start adding content and marketing the website, once the website gets traction and reaches a good amount of unique visitors a month I can either sell the website for a profit or I can monetize the website with an affiliate program or a pay per click ad program like Google Adsense, this at times can be even more profitable then selling the domain as is. This is why having a web hosting account is important, you cannot develop a domain name unless you have one.

What features do you get with a Hostgator account?

Any person who has recently created a website would tell you about the necessity to find a great web hosting company with a good reputation and efficiency. You must look for a web hosting company that is able to give you the services you need. However, the prices of those services might seem overwhelming for a person that has just begun his online activity. This is why Hostgator Web Hosting looks like a great option that costs only a few dollars a month, and you will also have the domain name included in some of the packages.

Domain registration is another service given by this company. I guess we won’t need to tell you who Hostgator is. The small enterprises found a great option there, as Hostgator is a company concerned about giving its clients quality and satisfaction.

Domain name registration is relatively new service offered by the company, compared with the other services such as the mail marketing and the search engine optimization (SEO). Their packages are reasonable, and you can be sure the their servers would give you an increased level of security. In fact, besides the free domain given by Hostgator, the reliability and safety of the servers is the second advantage if you buy this service.

The small business owners can choose one of the web hosting options, with services designed to satisfy the needs of several business types. The first package offered by Hostgator costs less than $5 dollars a month, and you will benefit from free setup, free domain name, 100 subdomains, 200 mail addresses based on the Web 2.0 mail technology, a disk space of 5 GB and a reasonable bandwidth allowing you to send newsletters and promotional messages. These options may vary between packages but you get a lot of value but the Baby Package is mostly unlimited subdomains and bandwidth.

The professional packages have an increased number of options, but the prices are a little higher, being recommended only for people that need to host a network if sites or a site having tens of visitors a day.

You can grow your transfer rate to 20 GB, and the monthly rate for this complete package is less than 27 dollars. No matter what package you would choose, the Hostgator specialists will be at your disposal 24 hours a day in case you want to upgrade your plan or even downgrade. You will also have the options of VPS hosting and cloud hosting, but the rates are significantly higher, and this package worth the money only if you have a huge web page that consumes many resources and has millions of visitors every day.

Get your free Domain Name and setup a Web Hosting account with Hostgator

So why would you take advantage of getting a free domain name with your web hosting account? Well, through out the years I have built many profitable websites and one of the things that I have learned is just how important it is to save on cost and how easy it is to start a profitable online business with very little money, for me this has been a crucial way of operating and this is what has allowed me to have success when it comes to making money online.

See, here is the mistake that most people make, when they start a business online they will spend a lot of money on products and services thinking that this will get them closer to success, spending money on useless things will not get you anywhere, to be successful online you have to be creative and save money everywhere that you can, this is why it is important to take advantage of offers like this and save money on your web hosting account and get a free domain name in the process.

Register your free domain name and setup your hosting account

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Free Domain Name Included

1. Go to Hostgator.com (coupon code inside)

2. Select the plan that you’d like, in most cases all you’ll need is the Baby Plan, this will allow you to host unlimited domains, even though initially you might not need hosting for a lot of domains if you are in this domaining business for a long time you will find yourself developing multiple domains and building many websites, the Baby Plan also allows you to install WordPress and other content management systems and have websites setup in a few click of your mouse.  This plan also allows you to setup SSL Certificates which are very important now a days to have a secure website, Google and other search engines love this by the way.

3. Click the Buy Now Button, you will now see the option to setup and register your domain name and get started with your hosting. One very important tip that I can give you is to register a short, dot com domain name that is easy to spell and to remember, these domains will increase in value with the years and it will be a valuable asset for your business.

4. Last step is to fill out your personal information and your payment option and that is it, you can pay for the entire year, save money and you will not have to worry about hosting for the rest of the year.

And there you have it, now you have setup your own domain name that was free with your web hosting account and now you have the ability to setup your websites and monetize them with your favorite affiliate or pay per click program.

Using cPanel to manage your web hosting account and domains

cPanel Dashboard
cPanel Dashboard

Now that you have your web hosting setup you are going to get access to cPanel which is the most popular platform to manage domain names, stats, email and many more feature. This is what makes having a web hosting account so powerful, with cPanel you will have the ability to create email lists, you are going to be able to add domains and subdomains plus much, much more! One of my favorite features is the ability to install all kinds of scripts like Drupal, Forums Software, WordPress and many other scripts.

If you are not familiar with cPanel here are some great tutorials for you to get started.

Building your dream online starts today

I really hope that this information was very useful, there is a huge opportunity online to make money and to make a living by creating original websites that help people that are looking for unique, quality information! Build your dream website today, it takes a lot of work and effort but it all starts with your domain name and and your web hosting account, once you are setup start writing content, start sharing your experiences and knowledge and sooner than later you will be able to monetize it and make a living from it.

Please take the time to share this with your friends and family and if you have any questions feel free to email me and I will be happy to help you! Good luck with your domain name and I hope you create an amazing website!

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