Do you own Cisco (CSCO) stock, are you buying or selling?

Cisco reported in their latest quarter strong earnings however guidance was lowered, this has sent the stock price in a down trend which merits the question, should you start a new position or if you are currently a shareholder should you buy more shares, sell or hold your position.

Here is a good video analysis of the Cisco stock:

Cisco Systems (CSCO) Stock Analysis – Will 5G Send This Stock Soaring Again?

This video was recorded and uploaded by the Investor Channel, here are a few of the key points of this video:

  • Possible upside from 5G
  • Balance sheet overview
  • Cash flow statements
  • Moving from Network Hardware to Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Current competition in the Networking and Infrastructure space

Another important point is the fact that Cisco is a dividend paying stocks which will always continue to attract cash flow investors, as more and more shareholders rely on quarterly payments and not much asset appreciation because of the high volatility.

Here is Yahoo Finance earning reports for Cisco:

Don’t Give Up on Cisco Systems Despite Disappointing Forecast (Real Money)

Really good article from The Street

Based on the current price, Cisco is trading at around $42 dollars per share and is currently paying a dividend of 3%.

Cisco has a Market Cap of $181 billion dollars and has a P/E ratio of 16.

In their latest earnings report, CSCO reported revenues of 11 Billion dollars and a Net Profit of 2.7 Billion.

Before investing in the stock market, do your own research and use this data to make your own decisions, for me personally Cisco is currently a hold however if you do not currently have a position this would be a good opportunity for a swing trade however this is not financial advice and only a personal opinion.

More about Cisco and their Investor Relations here:

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