Is a Recession Coming? Here’s 100 Ways To Save Money!

By | June 7, 2022
Saving Money During a Recession

Saving Money During a Recession

Do you want to learn how to save money? Here I have several tips to save a lot of money easily!

We all in one way or another want to live better and have better things. Sometimes buying a better car or having a better house is seen as something impossible to obtain. With these tips, you will learn to save money and be more efficient with your expenses, this will help you get the things you need or invest in the business you have always wanted! If you can save money!!!

1. Create a budget and be realistic about all your inputs and outputs. Make sure you know exactly what money you have and when you will have it. This will help you plan for events such as birthdays or vacations when you may need a little extra money saved.

2. Make sure you’re getting the best possible interest rate on your savings, opening an online savings account could receive a higher interest rate than a regular checking account.

3. Missing your credit card minimum payment dates will hit you with a big burden, so set up a direct debit payment to make sure you don’t miss the date by accident.

4. Lots of credit cards now offer cash back or points on purchases or gift certificates when you first sign up, so be sure to shop around before choosing your credit card. However don’t just choose a card because of an off benefit, you have to look at the whole package.

5. Don’t be afraid to transfer to another credit card with an interest-free promotion period like a lot of credit cards now offer. However, make sure you transfer to a different one before the promotional period is over, as you could be charged higher interest once it’s over.

6. Keep your credit history healthy, this will make it easier to transfer to different credit cards when needed.

7. Don’t sign up to department store credit cards, even if they offer you 10% off your first purchase, charge you a very high interest rate, high late fees and are too tempting to have in your wallet while you are out shopping!

8. Don’t get into a mess with your mortgage payment. If you’re struggling to pay your monthly payments, talk to your bank about taking a mortgage payment break which is better than simply being delinquent on your payments.

9. If you have a little extra money, pay more on your credit cards or loans instead of spending it on a treat. If you can pay off your debts faster, you will pay less interest.

10. If you have been hit in the past by large bank charges, try to recover them in writing to your bank. If you think your bank charges are significantly higher than other banks, think about transferring your account.

11. If you travel a lot, use a credit card that doesn’t charge you for use abroad. Some credit cards charge 2.5% to use it in a foreign country, however there are some that do not charge this fee if you shop around.

12. If you’re worried about your finances, get free help from your local financial advisor, they understand what worries you might be facing and are trained to help you think of solutions.

13. Make sure that you are claiming the benefits that apply to you as child tax credit, work tax credit. The forms can take a while to fill out and you can be confused about what you’re entitled to, but you can go to your local tax office for help with any questions or go to the IRS official website.


14. Do your shopping online, will this stop you from having to pay for buses or parking and you are more likely to buy what you need when you are online.

15. Cash back and reward programs are a great way to save when buying must have items.

16. Don’t buy everything from the usual high street shops; use a price comparison website before you buy anything to make sure you’re getting the best prices, which could point you to an online store you’ve never heard of before with the cheapest products.

17. Try not to push buy! Don’t buy something as soon as you see it; Give yourself time to think about it so you can see if you really need it. This will also give you the opportunity to shop around for the best price.

18. Find out what days of the week your local grocery store reduces prices and buy on those days.

19. Have a spring clean and sell everything you don’t want or use anymore on eBay – it’s so quick and easy to sell on Craigslist too.

20. Do your grocery shopping at night if you can, as many supermarkets like  to reduce the price of food like bread, milk or cake at the end of the day to make sure they sell it.

21. Before you go shopping, make a list of what you need and then stick to it, if you don’t know what you need, you will be more likely to overspend.

22. Don’t buy your daily cup of coffee from expensive coffee shops because they are too expensive. A $5 cup of coffee each day will set you back approximately $150 for the whole month! Make coffee at home instead!

23. Take a packed lunch to work instead of shopping every day, everything will work out much cheaper, especially if you managed to get your reduced bread for your sandwiches the night before.

24. Don’t buy prepared foods; They are expensive and not very healthy. If you get organized you can cook a meal from scratch in about 20 minutes. It is healthier and much cheaper.

25. Only buy what you need to eat, buying too much food means it will go out of date fast and you lose money on it.

26. Use leftovers from your evening meals for your lunch the next day, as long as you keep it in the fridge it will still stay nice and means you won’t have to buy your dinner.

27. Always look out for special offers, coupons and discounts. Buy in bulk if there’s a special on something you use regularly, Sam’s Club still offers great deals if you are looking to buy in bulk.

28. Don’t think you have to be the first person to get the latest products, for example a mobile phone might cost $300 when it was first launched but could drop to just $50 in the next year.

29. Plan your family and friend’s birthday and Christmas gifts in advance by buying them during sales. If you have enough storage space, you could buy your Christmas gifts for the following year in the January sales.


30. Stop eating at restaurants in the evenings and on weekends so often. It’s easy to get lazy and go out to dinner, but you have to remember that your food will cost you much more in a restaurant than it will cook for yourself.

31. If you do eat at a restaurant, try to skip the starter and just have two courses which will save you money without ruining your night. Also, try to resist the coffee at the end of the meal, you can get one at home for much less.

32. Find a restaurant where you can have your own bottle of wine! These are quite common and will mean that you are not paying restaurant prices for your drinks.

33. Take turns for you and your friends for a dinner party. This is much cheaper than going to a restaurant and is often more fun, especially if it has theme nights.

34. If you’re going out at night, don’t go too early and have a few drinks before you go out. You will spend much less money, but you will still have fun!

35. If you have an expensive gym membership and don’t use it then cancel it as it’s a complete waste of money. Try to walk instead or use the local leisure center which will be much cheaper than a gym membership.

36. If you pay to go to a slimming club, consider starting your own with your family, friends, and neighbors instead. You’ll still get the same motivation, but you’ll save on the weekly cost.

37. Don’t pay full price for movie tickets as most cinemas offer cheap weekend or daytime prices, and if you know someone with an Orange cell phone they can get 2-for-1 tickets at Wednesday with its Orange Wednesday promotion.

38. Find free streaming with ads instead of paying for Netflix or Hulu.

39. Libraries are a great place to take the kids on a rainy day and are great for adults too as many now store not just books but CDs, DVDs and magazines.

40. Share the cost of events with your family and friends, for example if you like football then buy a season ticket with your friends and take turns going to the games. This way you might lose a few matches, but that’s better than losing all of them.

41. Try to find a market research group in your area that will pay you very well to tell research what you think of specific products or ideas. These are nice to do and are provided with a snack while you are there.


42. Try to build the wardrobe with classic pieces that match. This way you’ll be able to swap everything out, so you won’t have to buy as many new parts.

43. Go to factory or clearance stores; they are much cheaper and they give you big brands at low prices and chances are, no one will know where you bought them from!

44. Try to save your shopping trips until the sales are on. Though make sure you don’t buy things just because they’re cheap if you don’t really need them and take them back if they don’t fit as many stores don’t open their fitting rooms during busy sales times.

45. Go to your charity shop for cheap clothes! Remember, most celebrities shop at charity shops because that’s where all the wacky stuff is so they’ll be in good company!

46. ​​Do not spend on designer clothes for your children. Hand-me-downs and supermarket clothing ranges are a great way to dress your kids cheaply and you probably won’t even notice the difference.

47. Learn how to sew and mend clothes, not only will you be able to sew up holes or rips, you will also be able to customize your own clothes to make one piece.

48. Exchange clothes for a refund that you’ve bought and then realized you don’t like, don’t just let them sit in your closet with the tags on.

49. Don’t avoid cheaper stores, which are great for stocking up on your simple wardrobe needs, such as t-shirts and sleepwear.


50. I only buy appliances that have been certified as energy efficient, which may cost more to start, but you’ll save more over time on running costs.

51. Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs as they last longer and save money.

52. Lower the heating thermostat. If there are unused rooms in your home then turn off the radiator and close the door. If you live in a 2-story house, you can turn the thermostat even higher as the heat rises. By turning your heating thermostat down 10-20 you’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll save each year.

53. Install more insulation in your attic, replace old curtain liners with new insulating curtain liners, and seal out drafts. If you have a big enough budget, installing double or even triple glazed windows are very efficient means of insulating your home, saving you money on heating costs. They also increase the value of a property significantly.

54. Turn off the lights if you’re not in the room and make sure everyone in your house does the same. There is no point in charging for electricity that is not used. Simple as that!

55. Do not leave electrical appliances on standby as they continue to consume electricity. Turn them off at the wall and you can save up to 10% off your electricity bills. The US government is reportedly bringing in legislation that will make it mandatory for all new gadgets to not have a standby mode due to the huge loss this brings.

56. You can save a lot of money on your water bills very easily by always showering instead of bathing and spending as little time in the shower as possible.

57. If you have a large house with few occupants you could cut your annual water bill in half by installing a water meter.

58. Turn the washer up to 40. Unless your heavily soiled clothes get a wash at 30-40 you’ll still get them sparkling clean!

59. Don’t be lazy about sticking with your utility company, shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal; You can use utility comparison sites to help you see which company will be best for you and use Internet Cashback to earn up to $37.50 to switch utilities.


60. Book a flight early and save money. While many of the budget airlines will fly to a regional airport, it may actually cost less than flying to an airport closer to a city center (if you’re going on a city break), since you won’t have to pay a taxi to your accommodation, use Google Flights to plan your next trip.

61. Budget airlines like AA are now charging for each piece of luggage in the hold, in an effort to speed up your turn around times. If you can, pack what you need (less scissors, liquids, etc.) in your checked baggage. This also means that you don’t have to wait around to collect your luggage at arrivals.

62. Book hotels online instead of walking in unannounced and getting hit with the normally higher walk-in rate.

63. Buy a rental car online instead of arranging for it when you arrive. Car rental is a competitive market and there are plenty of money saving deals available.

64. If you are planning a train or bus trip and book early, look for deals and don’t travel at peak times. If you buy your ticket on the day of travel it will be much more money than if you book in advance.

65. If you’re on a long train or plane ride, buy your drinks before you board as drinks and snacks are always expensive once you’re traveling.

66. There are plenty of websites that will send you samples  with free coupons so find the best one and stay in control for the samples you want to receive. Shampoo and body lotion samples are great to take on the weekends away!


67. If you don’t use your landline often then switch to a Pay As You Go mobile phone, it’s silly to pay for line rental if you don’t use it.

68. If you don’t use broadband internet often then cancel and make use of wireless internet in most restaurants, cafes and bars. Just bring your laptop and connect to their free wireless (although it might cost you a cup of coffee!). You can go to the library and use their computers for free and even have access to their printers and photocopiers at a lower cost.

69. If you’re on a monthly mobile phone contract, think about going pay as you go. You’ll have much more control over what happens, and you’ll be surprised how many people will call you instead of you calling them!

70. Send an email instead of calling or texting people. Most customer service departments will now answer emails if you have a problem with a service like your utility bill which means you won’t have to call their customer premium rate services phone number. You can also send your friends and family emails instead of calling them and even send birthday cards by email to save on postage.

71. There are plenty of websites that allow you to send text messages to mobile phones for free so that your credit is not used, while text messages can be obtained online and using a messaging service like MSN Live to talk with your family and friends over the internet for free.

72. Obtain a digital antenna box and cancel your cable television package.  You can get plenty of free channels and now you can watch most TV shows on the Internet, so you won’t be missing out on your favorite shows.


73. If you have a free room, advertise for a tenant. There are a lot of people who just want a room during the week while they are at work, so they would still get their privacy on the weekends. If you live on your own a tenant can provide you with great company and help you pay your bills.

74. Don’t be wasteful with products like toothpaste, body lotion or foundation. When you can’t get any more out of the tube, it will cut open and you will be able to use the bits you couldn’t get to.

75. Re-use old ice cream tubs or remove the packaging, you can use them to freeze food or take your lunch to work.

76. If you have a pet, don’t go out and buy expensive bedding from the pet store, recycle used paper from your office or buy your own shredding machine at home and shred up your old newspapers.

77. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water you need, filling it with wasteful energy and it takes longer to boil so you’ll have to wait longer for your drink!

78. When using the washing machine, make sure it’s full at all times, so if you only have a few items to wash hand wash in the sink.

79. Instead of drying clothes in the dryer, they hang them outside or in rainy weather hang them on a clothesline. This will also keep your clothes looking better for longer as tumble dryers tend to shrink your clothes!

80. Learn how to make your own cleaning products that are just as effective as the products you buy at the store and can often use ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboards.

81. Grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden or rent an allotment, especially if you give vegetables to your pets. The seeds cost practically nothing compared to the same real products.


82. Downsizing your car can save 100s of dollars each year in both fuel and road tax so if you are just making trips to and from work you should seriously consider getting a smaller car plus efficient.

83. Don’t renew your car insurance without shopping around first. Use a price comparison site and you could save $100s every year by switching to a cheaper provider.

84. If you travel to work on your own, try to start a car pool with colleagues who live in your area, not only will this save on gas costs, it will also keep your car miles low.

85. Don’t jump in your car for every trip, if you can, walk or bike and you’ll save money and be fit.

86. Start a school run with other parents in your area if you drive your kids to school or consider walking there instead if it’s in walking distance.

87. Don’t drive too fast, most car engines run much more efficiently at 60-70 miles per hour, compared to 80 miles per hour or more.

88. Check tire pressure regularly; if your tires are under inflated 20% then we are going to use 10% more fuel.

89. Don’t pay to get your car cleaned, as it is a waste of money, set aside 30 minutes each week to wash yourself.


90. Instead of buying a newspaper, read the news online. Most newspapers have regularly updated websites that have all the news for free, which could save you around $15 dollars a month.

91. If you smoke, try to stop or cut down.

92. Monitor the amount of alcohol you drink. If you’re having a pair of glasses every day, try cutting back and only have them for special occasions.

93. Don’t spend money you don’t have on gambling sites, especially online ones. It is easy to lose track of how much money you are spending and more often than not, you will lose this money. Try premium bonuses instead if you want to try your luck as this way you won’t lose your money.

94. It may be cheaper for you to pay for your prescriptions in advance with a pre-paid certificate if you pay for more than five prescription items in four months or 14 items in 12 months.

95. Buy generics when you can, most medicine will have a generic version that is way more affordable than the brand.

96. Cut and color your own hair, or get your friends to help you. There are plenty of great DIY color kits out there to give you a new look for under $10 dollars and a pair of scissors won’t set you back far. Be careful though!

97. Imagine it’s your birthday in one night and you can get a free birthday cake or a glass of champagne.

98. Don’t waste all your loose change, keep them in a jar and at the end of the year you will be amazed at how much money you have collected, if you have a good amount trade your spare change for Bitcoin at a Coinstar machine.

99. Make saving money fun! Saving money doesn’t have to make your life miserable! You can still see your friends, buy yourself treats and go on vacation; you just have the added benefit of being proud of your finances instead of hiding away from them!

100. Invest your money instead of spending it, now that the market has been trending down you can start dollar cost averaging and buying the stocks you could not buy when they were over prices, if you don’t like picking stocks just buy the S&P 500.