How Much Money Can You Make Investing in Domain Names

For many years I have been investing in assets that appreciate in time and mostly I invest in stocks that pay dividends, however I have always built websites and monetize them through affiliate marketing and other sources of revenue and this is where I discovered domain name investing and became a domainer myself. The main […]

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HCG Strips is a popular keyword that is searched online frequently, build a profitable business around this product domain Here are some sample HCG products listed in Alibaba that can be used to build an e-commerce business around it or an affiliate website which profits via commissions. Key features about this domain name: Customers […]

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The domain name is now available for sale, build your business or brand around this domain name that can target “girly” girls. Some ideas for this domain name are opening an Affiliate Website or Review Website, how about an e-commerce store or something else. Domains are a great investments that pay themselves over time, […]

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Build your business around this domain name, own a piece of Internet Real Estate and invest in this asset class. Some features about this domain name: 2 word dot com domain name Easy to spell and pronounce Passes the radio test Easy to brand and promote Many businesses can be built around this domain […]

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