is For Sale

Build your business around this domain name, own a piece of Internet Real Estate and invest in this asset class. Some features about this domain name: 2 word dot com domain name Easy to spell and pronounce Passes the radio test Easy to brand and promote Many businesses can be built around this domain […]

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Sedo Launches New Sales Landing Pages

Great news for domain name investors, one of the most popular domain auction websites Sedo is now offering landing pages for domain owners, this feature will allow you to increase your sales by providing a landing pages where your visitors can inquire about your domain names. This new feature that was developed has been recently […]

Read More » is for Sale is now being sold at Afternic, this is a short dot com domain name that is easy to pronounce and is easy to spell, not only is this domain name in a high paying industry “Credit” but it is a domain that can be branded and easily marketed. Buy it now is $1,250 US […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to, in this website I will share with you my tactics and methods used to invest in domain names and sell them for a profit. Why do I invest in Domain Names? It is very simple, domain names are assets that can potentially appreciate with time, they are virtual Real Estate and they […]

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